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International Competition

for Solo Mandolin


VI Edition

Michelangelo Policarpo Prize


The sixth edition of the International Competition for Solo Mandolin “Michelangelo Policarpo” will take place at the Ensemble Mandolinistico Estense’s seat in Modena (Italy) from 17 to 18 may 2024.

The Competition’s jury will be will be composed by the musicians Carlo Aonzo, Vincent Beer-Demander, Salvatore Della Vecchia, Roberto Palumbo and Luigi Verrini.


Competitors will have to perform three pieces:

1) Vincent Beer-Demander – Carillon (Download the score)

2) a solo composition to choose among those listed in art. 4 of the regulation

3) a solo composition for mandolin of their choice lasting at least 2 and max 10 minutes


The prizes for the first three classified will be:

1º Prize – 1000€ in addition of a donation of a Concert Mandolin from the Liuteria Calace of Naples

2º Prize – 600€

3º Prize – 400€

E.M.E. has decided to give to the 3 winners the opportunity to participate in the next edition
of the Festival Protagonista il Mandolino by performing a 60 minutes concert for a fee of €700.


Competition venue

Ensemble Mandolinistico Estense’s seat
Stradello San Marone, 15
41126 Modena (Italia)

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