Terms of registration

Mandolino Masterclass
Terms of registration

The Mandolin Masterclass will involve the following courses:
-from October 2 to 6, 2017, Mandolin Masterclass with Roberto Palumbo and Ofelia Elia.

Courses will be held in Modena (Italy), at the "O. Vecchi - A. Tonelli" Music Institute, via Goldoni 10.

Course admission
No entrance exams will be held. The masterclass is open to musicians of all nationalities.
There are no age limits for participants. For minors wishing to participate a letter of consent from the student's parents will be required, exonerating the Association of any direct responsability for the child.
All participants will receive a certificate of participation.

The tuition fee for each participant is € 50,00. This fee is valid for participation in all two courses.
Registrations will be accepted until 30. September 2017. The maximum number of participants for the Course is 15 students. Applications will be accepted in the order in which they are received. Once the maximum of 15 participants has been reached, later applicants will be placed in a waiting list.
To assure participation, all students must fill out the application form, and send this to the Association by post, fax or email to the contact address on the application form. Upon receipt of the application, the Association will send a confirmation by email containing bank information necessary for direct payment by bank transfer to the Association of 55 € including the registration fee and insurance requested by the "O. Vecchi - A. Tonelli" Music Institute.
The Association "Ensemble Mandolinistico Estense" will then confirm the student's registration no later than 30. September 2017.
Should a mimimum number of participants not be reached, the courses will not take place.

Music stand
All students are required to bring their own music stand.

Changes of events
The Association reserves the right to change the program of instruction and other events in case of necessity.

Cancellations of students communicated in writing before 30. September 2017 will be refunded - in 50% of the sum paid. After this date, no refunds of registration fees can be made.   

Students' final recital and the Michelangelo Policarpo Prize
On 6. October 2017, in the “R. Verti” Auditorium of the "O. Vecchi - A. Tonelli" Music Institute, the students' final recital will be held. In the course of this event, three awards will be presented for the most distinguished participants of the masterclass: artworks by Vincenzo Policarpo.
These prizes will be awarded by a commision composed of the two teachers of the masterclass, as well as one teacher from the "O. Vecchi - A. Tonelli" Music Institute. Participants will be judged not on the basis of their individual level of preparation but rather with regard to the progress and results achieved during participation in the masterclass.

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