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The Ensemble Mandolinistico Estense uses Galli strings

Ensemble Mandolinistico Estense

The Ensemble Mandolinistico Estense was founded in Modena, Italy in 1997 with the intent to offer once again the rich and important tradition of music composed for plucked string instruments to modern audiences.  This repertoire was cultivated in this city throughout the 20th century, thanks largely to important contributions made by such local musicians as Romolo Ferrari and Primo Silvestri.


Protagonista il Mandolino

Spotlight on the Mandolin

9th Edition
of events dedicated to the mandolin

Modena, Italia

29 September 2018 – 13 April 2019

This project is organised by the Ensemble Mandolinistico Estense Association, in collaboration with the "O. Vecchi - A. Tonelli"  Music Institute of Modena, with contributions from Galleria Estense and with contributions and under the patronage of Comune di Modena..


Mandolin Masterclass

The opening event of the series is the Mandolin Masterclass:

1-5 October 2018
Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali “O.Vecchi – A.Tonelli”
Via Carlo Goldoni, 10 Modena
Masterclass di Mandolino
M°Roberto Palumbo



Concerts and Events

The concerts and events included in the concert series will be held in prestigious venues throughout the city and province of Modena from September 2018 to April 2019. The 8th edition of "Protagonista il Mandolino" (Spotlight on the Mandolin) will be dedicated to the Virtuosi of Mandolin in the world.


International Mandolin Competition

The Ensemble Mandolinistico Estense Association organizes the 4th edition of the International Competition of solo Mandolin, entitled to Michelangelo Policarpo. The competition is open to participants of all nationalities, in the context of the Review Protagonista il Mandolino. The Competition will be held in the Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali “O. Vecchi-A. Tonelli” in Modena, Italy from 12. to 13. April 2019. The Competition's awards are three prizes of 1000, 600 and 400 Euros.